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The White House Frog Pond – Making America Fun Again

Outside the White House ..on the White House front lawn ..lies a body of water ..called the White House frog pond ..and there congregate ..on idea logs ..a congress of old toads and younger frogs ..that represent this nation's tadpoles and pollywogs ..and their leader...

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Let me tell ya why I'm singin' ..Let me tell ya why I'm proud. ..I just freed a part a me ..And I had to buck the crowd. I had to walk out on a love ..That used to rule my head ..I had to turn my back on action ..I could never get in bed. Yes ..I kicked FOOTBALL ..I...

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Cupid Pits LoverBoy Versus the Earth

"His girl ..is on the other side of the world And this is WHAT ..has given birth To LOVERBOY's pitched BATTLE With the Powers of EARTH. But he's not ..Sir LANCELOT. And this EARTHWORLD .. isn't CAMELOT. This planet doesn't owe him ..Diddly-squat !!" Artie Fletcher...

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